Long Over Due Update

 I'm not sure how it went from July to January... I swear I barely blinked!!

In those quick 6 months I started a new job, Ryan moved in, went to Texas twice (for work), San Francisco, Tahoe, and Hawaii, went to 4 music festivals, turned 30, had my Etsy store featured on BuzzFeed, enjoyed Christmas with our families, and moved spots in the store I sell at.  WHEW!!  No wonder I have no clue where the time went!

A big project that I wanted to tackle and needed to be tackled was painting the exterior of my house.  It was just looking a little sad. My dad being the person he is decided that WE were going to paint the house. It really ended up being him with the company of my dog and my mom and I on a couple solid weekends. So basically I have the best parents in the world.

  • 1: August 2014 (prior to me moving in, If anyone knows how to get google maps to take a new picture let me know!)
  • 2: November 2015 
  • 3: December 2016

This wasn't a quick touch up job either. My dad pressure washed and primed the entire house even though we were painting it the same base color.  We tried to minimize how long it would take by using the same base.  However my trim choices turned out to be the most time consuming... 

The back of my house is a total of 3 stories and we ended up renting scaffolding for a week to complete the back of the house. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were insane.

BEST parent's award goes to...

BEST parent's award goes to...

The house looks great! However I will NEVER help paint another house.  I don't know how my dad and mom did it.  It is a HUGE project and better taken on by someone else for everyone's sanity.

My dad also won't work on any projects at my house for a while - which rains on my kitchen dreams.

The house looks so bright and happy now.  I smile every time I drive up! 


Next Spring time to work on the path and the plants next to the stairs.  The previous tenant planted them way to close to the stairs and each other so it just looks like a mess at all times.