DIY Live Edge Bench

I'm a fan and reader of Yellow Brick Home and swoon weekly over their updates and projects. They always have a fun, clean, quirky, and modern look all rolled into one space. A year+ ago they made this bench and I haven't stopped thinking of it since.  

When I purchased my dining room table and needed to figure out seating for 6 I decided it was the perfect place for a bench like Kim and Scott's. I looked online at benches similar and they all started about $130+ shipping. I decided to make it more difficult on myself (story of my life) and make one!

I found a live edge slab farm/dealer/man about 45 minutes from my house and made an appointment to look in his barns. This sounds slightly sketch but it totally wasn't. I figured my dad would enjoy the outing and invited him along to Live Edge Wood Slabs - Duvall, WA.  Saturday's are by appointment only, so call prior to the weekend.



Once out there he let us wonder around looking at all the different types and sizes of wood.  I ended up finding a 4ft piece of Maple that was my predetermined perfect length. 

About two weeks later I finally had time to sand it and get legs ordered. I used my RYOBI sander that I got for Christmas. I started with a 80 grit, moved to a 120, and finished it with a 220. I sanded the corners and edges so people's clothing wouldn't get caught. But I only lightly used the 220 on some of the thicker bark edges to leave it intact. I used the miniwax spray polyeuratganr in a matte finish to seal the wood. I didn't want it to be shiny and slippery for people to sit on. 

Looking online for hair pin legs I found you could order a set of 4 for about $60. I was sure I could find them for less. I landed on Amazon looking and found this bench. It was only $39 and all the reviews were from people who bought it to use the legs on something else. 

Once the bench came I drilled holes into the bottom of the bench to screw in the legs and VIOLA!!  

I'm so so happy and beyond proud of the outcome and how my dining room table looks!