Long Over Due Update

 I'm not sure how it went from July to January... I swear I barely blinked!!

In those quick 6 months I started a new job, Ryan moved in, went to Texas twice (for work), San Francisco, Tahoe, and Hawaii, went to 4 music festivals, turned 30, had my Etsy store featured on BuzzFeed, enjoyed Christmas with our families, and moved spots in the store I sell at.  WHEW!!  No wonder I have no clue where the time went!

A big project that I wanted to tackle and needed to be tackled was painting the exterior of my house.  It was just looking a little sad. My dad being the person he is decided that WE were going to paint the house. It really ended up being him with the company of my dog and my mom and I on a couple solid weekends. So basically I have the best parents in the world.

  • 1: August 2014 (prior to me moving in, If anyone knows how to get google maps to take a new picture let me know!)
  • 2: November 2015 
  • 3: December 2016

This wasn't a quick touch up job either. My dad pressure washed and primed the entire house even though we were painting it the same base color.  We tried to minimize how long it would take by using the same base.  However my trim choices turned out to be the most time consuming... 

The back of my house is a total of 3 stories and we ended up renting scaffolding for a week to complete the back of the house. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were insane.

BEST parent's award goes to...

BEST parent's award goes to...

The house looks great! However I will NEVER help paint another house.  I don't know how my dad and mom did it.  It is a HUGE project and better taken on by someone else for everyone's sanity.

My dad also won't work on any projects at my house for a while - which rains on my kitchen dreams.

The house looks so bright and happy now.  I smile every time I drive up! 


Next Spring time to work on the path and the plants next to the stairs.  The previous tenant planted them way to close to the stairs and each other so it just looks like a mess at all times.

Stair Treads

Lets talk about the most exciting thing you can buy for your house... STAIR TREADS!! (JK they are boring as hell) When I moved in my dad and I talked about getting new stair treads.  I think we both had a different idea in mind.  He just wanted to replace the old ones with something similar.  The old stair treads were a dark brown hard plastic and didn't add much to the stairs.  They were all breaking off and more slippery than the actual stairs.


My stairs also have these great gold dust catchers in the corners but this also limited what size treads I could have with out covering those up.


After 100+ years the stairs have a lot of "character."  Painting over wood in my family is basically seen as murder.  If I even asked to do that my dad would die of a heart attack.  I looked at all the pretty ideas of painting stairs and realized it would never be allowed.  Back to looking at stair treads I went...

As you can see from the picture above "pretty" stair treads are not really a thing.  If you can tell from the way I decorate my house all the options above were not going to work for me.  Except for maybe the ones on the bottom left but those are even a little too busy for me. After looking everywhere I some how ended up on Home Depot's site.  WHY HAD I NOT GONE THERE BEFORE?!  I just don't know, could have saved myself a year of searching for the perfect stair treads.


I actually ordered 1 set of 4 to start with

a. to try them out

b. they were expensive so I wanted to make sure they worked before I bought 13 of them.

c. make sure they weren't too white in person because I have two animals that destroy nice things.


They quiet my house ten fold and hopefully will help with the dust issues I have with these stairs.  I also got double side carpet hold tape to keep them in place.


I ended up buying the (boring) box pattern.  Some things don't need to be elaborate and difficult.  Stair treads is one of those items. This "white" is not a bright plain white.  It is a slightly marbled light gray and white and won't show quick wear and tear.  They also have a heavy duty plastic backing, these are for sure nicer than I thought they would be.


I still need to trim the bottom tread to fit the weird door way but man-o-man I've never been in love with something so boring and simple in my life.  They brighten up the stairs (which is always needed) and really make it more of a comfy home.  Hardwoods are nice but sometimes in the morning my feet would be cold (I know this sounds dumb).


- Mads

1 Year Down

I'm coming up on a year of being in 801! I just looked at the different lists that I have made throughout the year and it's embarrassing how little I feel I've done BUT finished a lot at the same time! That's so confusing to me?!

waiting for her outside paint refresh still... 

waiting for her outside paint refresh still... 

With the weather being nice my inside projects got swapped for outside projects. My outside projects got swapped for helping my parents with the rental next door. Then some time is taken up making Etsy shop orders or working on my friends house that I'm helping redo furniture and decorate. All while still working 40 hrs at one job and bartending one night a week, Whew!! No wonder I haven't gotten as many things done as I feel I should have!  

and I still trying to enjoy a little bit of life on the side... 

and I still trying to enjoy a little bit of life on the side... 

So the lists...

✔️ finish the brick corner - half bricks, seal, grout

-shelf on brick wall (I have narrowed down what I want, just haven't pulled the trigger)

✔️ figure out a circular rug (My mom brought this DIY to my attention yesterday Make Your Own Rope Rug) (this is a fake check because I'm just not doing a rug at all, problem solved)

-doggy feeding station

✔️ doggy wall toy pouch

So easy and cleared the floor space

So easy and cleared the floor space

✔️ art work in kitchen 

- tile counter tops (the dream, way way way down the road)

- repaint lower kitchen cabinets

- hallway built in

✔️ shelves in my bedroom

my original plan for the bedroom changed and so did the shelf, but I got a shelf up so I consider that done.  

my original plan for the bedroom changed and so did the shelf, but I got a shelf up so I consider that done.  

 ✔️ dining room bench

- finish the kitchen in general


- artwork in the stairwell

- black trim, black trim, and more black trim 

still chugging along on the black trim... Slow and steady wins the race? Right? 

still chugging along on the black trim... Slow and steady wins the race? Right? 

- outside paint refresh - I got my Dad to agree to new trim colors which is a huge step!

- YARD/DECK (this is such a large task so I've decided to break it down further to feel accomplished)

   ✔️ pressure wash porch

   ✔️ paint porch

   ✔️ paint railing

   ✔️ repair railing

   ✔️ clear white trash deck (read pallets) in back

   ✔️ clean up flower beds

   ✔️ make a fire pit  

    - build a deck

    - shrubs at street level

    - fence

    - create actual flower beds along south side of house

 So... I still feel like I have the entire house to do but I feel like I've done the entire house?!?!


Looking at pictures of where this house was a year ago amazes me! I'm so proud of what I've down so far and can't wait to see what I'm able to do in the next year. 


DIY fire pit

It's time for outdoor summer projects and even though the inside of the house still has tons on the to do list I can't help start working on a new project.  

When I moved in in May I wanted to get a layer of paint on the dingy walls inside ASAP and this meant that when I finally had time to work outside it was July, too hot, too busy, and the summer just disappeared with out too much being completed.

I had cleared out the beds in the front of the porch and along the sides of my stairs and that took ALL of my effort. They were so so so bad.  Thank you previous tenant for planting lavender bushes too close to the stairs and too close together and not actually making garden beds for them but trying to plant them in the grass... -___-

Well it's April and I'm starting on the yard! YAY!!! 

My dad has plans to help me build a deck/patio/platform along the back of the house, a fenced doggy area, boxwood along the top of the street, and a fire pit The backyard is big, on a hill, gets a good breeze, and has amazing sunsets! 

I ended up spending $0 on this project!! Just a sunny afternoon digging. I picked a spot that is far enough away from the house but will still be close enough to interact with people on the future deck.  My hose can also reach the pit to be safe.

Materials used: 

- can of spray paint

- shovel

- edger

- pea gravel (2 bags) 

- bricks

- thin set motor

Step 1: I used my can of pray paint to make a circle of where I wanted to dig so that I didn't go off route and all of the sudden have a 10 ft square fire pit.  

Step 2: DIG! 

I'm aware that the grass needs to be mowed an that the jumble of blackberries at the bottom of the hill need to be taken care of....

I'm aware that the grass needs to be mowed an that the jumble of blackberries at the bottom of the hill need to be taken care of....


Step 3:  I made my first circle to measure it out and pushed them against the edge of the circle.

Step 4: I poured pea gravel in the middle and leveled it out. My pit took two bags. This makes it feel a little more secure and gave it a nice finished look.  

all the digging wore Zee Dog out

all the digging wore Zee Dog out

Step 5: I continued to lay the bricks on top in an off set pattern. Once I figured out how high I wanted it I took it all apart and put a dollop of thin set motor on each corner. Now if people put their feet on the edge or throw in a log a little too big it won't knock my pit walls down.

... just ignore the not circular top left of the fire pit... I'm happy with its not perfectness :)

... just ignore the not circular top left of the fire pit... I'm happy with its not perfectness :)

I'm not going to lie here... It's not the most perfect circle you have seen in the world but I'm pretty okay with that. It's going to be tons of fun to use this summer and I can't wait to have people over!  I also did it ALL BY MYSELF (no dad or boyfriend assisted in the fire pit making).

To keep the cost free I monitored the free section on Craigslist for about two weeks until I found a lot of really great bricks.  Patience young grasshopper when it comes to craigslist... patience...